November 7, 2010

Supplyline Logistics: What’s in a name?

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Steve Loveday and I operate as an independent supply chain consultant under my company name, Supplyline Logistics Inc.

Bit of a long name that, Supplyline Logistics, how did I end up with that? Well, the Supplyline bit came because I wanted the name to reflect the industry sector that I’m in and to acknowledge the historical context of supply chain. I like history.

Off I went on my domain name search for “Supplyline” only to find that I’d been beaten to the punch, by quite a few years apparently, “Supplyline dot com” was already taken.

I really liked the name Supplyline and wanted to use it, I could have tried throwing money at the owner of the domain name but I didn’t (no big surprise there!) instead, I decided to add a bit more to the name.

I toyed with Supplyline Supply Chain Inc., for about 3 milliseconds, ugly isn’t it? Next came Supplyline Distribution Inc., not so bad, but I already had the historical piece sewn up and the term “Distribution” isn’t so widely used these days.

Then came Supplyline Logistics Inc., I liked it, the “dot com” domain was there for the taking, and hey, my initials are SL so tell me it wasn’t meant to be!

Supplyline Logistics Inc. was born.

Thanks, Steve